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Compliance Manager

About the role: 

 To take responsibility for the enforcement and further risk-based development of the corporate strategy, in response to the compliance landscape that we face over future years.  The individual appointed shall function as an independent and objective company officer who will responsible for oversight of the full compliance function, with support and leadership provided by the Company Secretary and ultimately, the Board-level  Ethics and Compliance Committee.

Some Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

Responsibility for the enforcement and further risk-based development of compliance strategy

 Building relationships with, and promoting strong compliance culture amongst senior management, both at our Headquarters and in the regions

Enhancing general awareness of the importance of effective compliance for our business in order to ensure the business benefits are understood and accepted by employees at all levels

Drafting and implementing any periodic changes required to any  compliance policy and responding to any concerns or suggestions raised by the Ethics and Compliance Committee

Liaising, supporting and when necessary, robustly challenging staff responsible for compliance in the regions in order to ensure that our compliance policies and procedures are communicated, implemented and enforced effectively


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